Comprehensive Plan

The first City of Battlefield Comprehensive Plan was adopted by the Board of Aldermen in September of 2002. It was a community wide effort led by the Center for Resource Planning and Management and the Community Planning Practicum class at what was then Southwest Missouri State University. The plan contains a brief community history, demographic and socio-economic profiles from the 2000 US Census, sections on Land Use, Transportation and Public Facilities and Services plans and a list of Community Visioning Priorities as defined by public input at that time.

In November of 2006 a group of citizens formed to begin the work of reviewing and updating the Comprehensive Plan. Community Development Specialists from the University of Missouri Extension Division have been facilitating our meetings and providing guidance to the group. Our recently completed community survey was one of the methods the group has developed to gain input from the citizens in preparation for additional “town hall” meetings and focus groups working on particular facets of the Plan.


The City of Battlefield if working on updating the Comprehensive Plan in 2020-2021, If you are interested in becoming part of the working group to help complete the Plan review and update, please contact City Administrator Frank Schoneboom to volunteer. If you have comments or suggestions for our consideration, please submit them in writing to City Hall to the his attention (