The City has developed a first class park on the property adjoining the City Hall. There are two playground areas with play equipment appropriate for toddlers and older children as well as swings and other play stations. Our newest playground area is all-inclusive. The paved walking trail provides a half mile loop around the park that is lighted. There are two lighted tennis courts and a basketball area and a rent-able pavilion with picnic tables. Our pond and gazebo area have been rented for outside wedding ceremonies. Hours and court lighting for the park vary with the season.

In addition to the Trail of Tears Park, the City also has The Butterfield Stage Park, which is a quaint "pocket-park" on Old Wire Road, just south of Weaver Road. It also has a paved walking track with benches. 

The volunteers who work on the Advisory Park Board are responsible for planning and implementing the features and functions of the City parks. In our long range plan are the development of smaller “neighborhood” park areas and the addition of features to the main park. The APB meets the second Thursday of the month at 6:00 PM. All meetings are open to the public. NOTE: We have one opening on the Park Board. If you would like to volunteer, please complete the Application for Volunteer Service found under the City Forms/City Hall section of the website.

If you have suggestions or comments for the Park Board or would be interested in volunteering your time, contact one of the following.

City Hall
(417) 883-5840