Be on the lookout

APB – All Points Bulletin

The following information was provided to the Battlefield Police Department by callers or people from other sources. The Battlefield Police Department and the City of Battlefield, Missouri are not responsible for incorrect information or information that is the same or similar to any one individual not involved in the action stated. Those people listed may not be guilty of a crime, but Law Enforcement is interested in identifying those people or gaining additional information for investigative purposes. The information provided is intended for the awareness of people for the sole purpose of increasing the safety of the community of Battlefield, Missouri.

People should not take enforcement action on their own, or take risks to gather additional information. If you see the subject of this information you should not try to stop, confront, or in any way interfere with the person or vehicle. You should report any additional relevant information to the Battlefield Police Department or other appropriate law enforcement agencies

For additional information or for more details about the incidents listed, you are welcome to call or stop by the Battlefield Police Department at 5434 S. Tower Drive in Battlefield, Missouri; however, if you have an emergency or you need an officer you should always call 911. Normal office hours are 8:00 am – 12 noon, Monday through Friday. If the office is closed you may still be able to contact an officer directly by calling 890-9876 or you may leave a message at that number.

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Current Problems and Trends

Most property crimes occur when items are not locked. If you are in the back yard working, lock the garage door and front of the house – visa-versa if you are going to be in the front yard. Lock sheds and secure 4-wheelers, lawn mowers, and other items of value.