Make a Complaint

If you have questions or wish to express a concern about an incident, police procedures, or an individual officer you may call Chief of Police, Chris McPhail, at 417.890.9876. You may remain anonymous, but your identity could be helpful in investigating your concern and it is a factor of credibility.

To make a formal complaint about an officer or incident, contact the Battlefield City Hall, and request to complete a Complaint Form. City Hall is located at 5434 S. Tower Drive in Battlefield, Missouri. Your identity is required so a thorough investigation may be made and a disposition communicated to you. You must have direct knowledge of the incident.

The following are possible disposition classifications for a formal complaint:

  • Unfounded: Allegation is false or not factual
  • Not Involved: Employee not present at time the alleged misconduct occurred
  • Exonerated: Incident complained of occurred, but actions of employee were lawful and proper
  • Not Sustained: Insufficient evidence to prove or disprove the allegation
  • Sustained: Allegation is supported by sufficient evidence
  • Policy Failure: The incident may or may not have occurred but the investigation revealed faulty policies, procedures, or rules