Mayor & Board of Alderman

The City of Battlefield operates as a Mayor & Board of Aldermen form of government with three geographically divided Wards, which have two Alderman each. Ward One is generally located south of Elm Street to the city limits. Ward Two is from Elm Street north to Weaver Road. Ward Three is from Weaver Road north to the city limits.

The Mayor and the Board of Aldermen meet every 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month at 6:30 p.m. in City Hall. These meetings are open to the public. Requests to address the BOA must be submitted to City Hall by 5:00 p.m. on the day of the meeting. You will need to fill out a copy of the Request to Speak form below. All persons wishing to speak during Citizen Input will be given five minutes to make a statement. When a group of individuals all wish to speak about the same topic, the group may be asked to pool your statements and designate a speaker to represent the group. Make sure to read the Citizen Input Rules below.

Should you be interested in filing for future candidacy, you will need to fill out Form 5120 below and contact the City Clerk at (417) 883-5840. For more information, refer to Missouri State Statute RSMo.115.306.1.

Current Elected Officials

Please email the Mayor or Board of Alderman by clicking on their names below or you may contact City Hall at (417) 883-5840 to have a message sent to them.



Samantha Deaton

Ward I Alderman

Jerry Shupert

Ward I Alderman

Rocky Compton

Ward II Alderman

Zac Woods

Ward II Alderman

Mark Crabtree

Board President, Mayor Pro-Tem, Ward III Alderman

Tim Kelley Sr.

Ward III Alderman

Election Terms

Once elected (or, in rare cases, appointed by the Mayor), our officials serve a four year term.

2020 Election 

Mayor Debra Hickey - Term ends 2024 (Resigned position before term completed)

Alderman Ward I Jerry Shupert - Term ends 2024

Alderman Ward II Zac Woods - Term ends 2024

Alderman Ward III Tim Ricke - Term ends 2024 (Resigned position before term completed)

2022 Election

Alderman Ward III Mark Crabtree - Term ends 2024 (Appointed in 2020)

Alderman Ward III Jim Clemmons - Term ends 2026 (Resigned position before term completed)

Alderman Ward II Rocky Compton - Term ends 2026

Alderman Ward I Samantha Deaton - Term ends 2026

2024 Election

Alderman III Tim Kelley Sr. - Term ends 2025 (Appointed in 2024 )