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How to Apply for a Business License

If you are planning to operate a business in Battlefield, this information will give you a general overview of the process to obtain a license. Please refer to our City Municipal Codes for more information. 

Who Needs a Business License?

Any person or company that sells tangible goods or provides services in the City of Battlefield should obtain a City license prior to starting a business. This includes home-based businesses, even if no clients come on your premises. If you perform any administrative function pertaining to your business from your home address, a license is required.

You may obtain the necessary application form (located below) or by calling (417) 883-5840 or by visiting City Hall at 5434 S. Tower Drive, Battlefield, MO 65619. Our office hours are from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday except for posted holidays or inclement weather. 

Application Process

When you apply for a business license in our office, request for zoning/building regulations approval will be completed along with the City license application. This applies to all businesses that will be located inside the city limits. These forms will be routed to the appropriate departments for approval prior to licensing your business. If you have questions regarding the appropriate zoning for the type of business you wish to conduct, you may contact the Building Inspector at (417) 883-5840; questions concerning fire code requirements may be directed to the Battlefield Fire Protection District at (417) 881-9018.

Those businesses which sell tangible items, including those which use parts to provide services, must provide our office with a copy of their Missouri Sales Tax license or sales tax exemption letter for their location before the City license can be issued. A no tax due statement must be provided before a license can be issued. Information relating to the Missouri Sales Tax license may be obtained by calling 1-(573) 751-9268.

If your business involves food preparation or food handling, a health permit must be obtained from the Springfield-Greene County Health Department. You may contact them regarding specific health requirements by calling (417) 864-1658.

License fees are due at the time of application. The license fee is $16.00 per year regardless of the type of business you will be operating. Licenses are valid through the current calendar year and must be renewed by January 31 of each year.

Special Requirements 

Some business licenses require special approvals before a license can be issued. These categories include: liquor and beer sales. If your business requires this approval. please contact our office concerning the special requirements which will be involved. 

Bond and Insurance Requirements 

All Contractors and Subcontractors must provide proof of workman's compensation or an affidavit of before the license can be issued per Missouri State Statute RSMo. 287.061.

Current documentation should be provided at the time of application or may be faxed to (417) 883-8189.