Economic Development Commission

The Economic Development Commission of the City of Battlefield, Missouri, was established to facilitate the growth and prosperity of our community. Comprising dedicated individuals committed to fostering economic development, the commission plays a crucial role in identifying and maximizing opportunities for businesses and investments within the city.


Our mission is to research, collect, and disseminate information that supports and promotes economic growth in Battlefield. We work towards creating an environment conducive to business success, while also addressing energy conservation and environmental protection concerns.


Opportunity Research

  • The commission actively researches and collects information on opportunities for businesses and investments within the City of Battlefield.

Proposal Preparation

  • We prepare comprehensive proposals that outline and explain the various opportunities for business and investment in the city.

Study of City Ordinances

  • The commission examines and outlines the effects of city ordinances on business opportunities, ensuring a business-friendly regulatory environment.

Reports on Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection

  • We prepare reports detailing how city regulations relate to energy conservation and environmental protection, contributing to sustainable development.

Government Grants and Loans

  • The commission aids and assists the Board of Aldermen and other city officials in identifying and applying for governmental grants and low-interest rate loans to benefit the city.

Regular Reporting

  • We provide regular reports to the Board of Aldermen, updating them on our findings, proposals, and activities.

Additional Duties

  • The Economic Development Commission is flexible and ready to perform any other duties deemed necessary by the Mayor and a majority of the Board of Aldermen.

For inquiries, collaboration opportunities, or more information, please contact (417) 883-5840.

The Economic Development Commission meets every 3rd Thursday of the month at 8:30 a.m. in City Hall. The public is welcome to attend. Anyone wishing to speak during the meeting, must be signed up to speak by 5:00 p.m. on the day before the meeting. Please contact City Hall at (417) 883-5840 for more information or drop by to get signed up.

Economic Development Commission Meeting Agendas