Sewer Wastewater

The City of Battlefield operates the sewer collection system. New customers are required to complete an application and pay a deposit of $75 for home owners and for rental properties. Homeowners may receive a refund of the deposit after three years of clean payment history. Residential sewer rates are based on a $31.03 base rate, plus $5.59 per 1,000 gallons average water used during the period of November 15th through February 14th. These averages are established annually and will begin every year in April. All commercial accounts are metered usage on a monthly basis with a $31.03 base charge. Payments are due by 5:00 p.m. on the 5th day of every month and may be paid online, via mail, in person at City Hall, or by using our drop box on the sidewalk at the north end of the City Hall parking lot. Accounts that are two months delinquent will be notified of service disconnection via a paper tag on your door. Disconnections, which occur for non-payment, will result in your water service being shut off. To re-establish service after a disconnect, all accounts must be paid in full and there will be an additional $30 re-connect fee. For further information, or to establish an account, contact the Utility Clerk at (417) 883-5840.

For service connection information:

Caitlin Villalobos
Phone: (417) 883-5840

For service emergencies or sewer line breaks ONLY:

Tristan Losh
Phone: (417) 883-5840 or call 911