Essential Services

If you are planning to move, or have just moved to the City of Battlefield, we welcome you! To help make your move as smooth as possible, here is a list of the essential services you may or will require.


The Greene County Public Water Supply District #1 provides water for the City of Battlefield, and much of the surrounding area. While the City of Battlefield works closely with PWSD #1, it is a separate legal entity from the City and, as such, they have their own governance and requirements for service. New customers must complete an application and pay a deposit to begin service. Contact the water district at (417) 881-1762 for further information regarding rates and payment due dates. Their hours are 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. Or you can click here for their website.

IMPORTANT: If you should have any water problems, please contact the water district at (417) 881-1762. City Hall is unable to provide any information regarding your water services or supply. If City Hall should receive any prior notification of potential water outages from PWSD #1, we will immediately post it on our website and Facebook page.


The City of Battlefield operates the sewer collection system. New customers are required to complete an application and pay a deposit of $75 for home owners and for rental properties. Homeowners may receive a refund of the deposit after three years of clean payment history. Residential sewer rates are based on a $31.03 base rate, plus $5.59 per 1,000 gallons average water used during the period of November 15th through February 14th. These averages are established annually and will begin every year in April. All commercial accounts are metered usage on a monthly basis with a $31.03 base charge. Payments are due by 5:00 PM on the 5th day of every month and may be paid online, via mail, in person at City Hall, or by using our drop box on the sidewalk at the north end of the City Hall parking lot. Accounts that are two months delinquent will be notified of service disconnection via a paper tag on your door. Disconnections, which occur for non-payment, will result in your water service being shut off. To re-establish service after a disconnect, all accounts must be paid in full and there will be an additional $30 re-connect fee. For further information, or to establish an account, contact the Utility Clerk at (417) 883-5840.

Electric or Gas

Depending on your location and particular builder, you may be served by either Ozark Electric Cooperative or Springfield City Utilities for electricity. If available at your location, gas service may be propane or natural gas. Springfield City Utilities provides natural gas to some parts of the City. You may contact them at (417) 863-9000 for further information. To contact Ozark Electric Cooperative, call (417) 725-5160.


The Battlefield Fire Protection District provides fire service to the City of Battlefield and much of southwest Springfield. They are also a separate legal entity from the City. As such, they are supported through a property tax assessment. In an emergency, please call 911 or, for general information, call the offices at (417) 881-9018 during normal business hours.


Our Police Department currently has nine commissioned police officers. They facilitate a neighborhood watch program and support various community events. In an emergency, please call 911. For questions or concerns, call (417) 890-9876. Our police officers are often out on patrol, and they aren’t in the office at all times. So if you should ever need to talk to an officer or have an officer drop by your location due to a concern that isn’t necessarily an emergency, you can give 911 a call.


There are multiple vendors available in the Springfield metropolitan area. However, the City has partnered with Republic Services for a Preferred Provider Program that offers Trash Service for $13.80 per month, and is added to your Sewer Bill. This service includes free recycling. For a list of what can be recycled, click here. Come by City Hall and fill out the necessary paperwork to start this service if you so choose. If you should require extra trash carts, there will be a separate fee for each additional cart. Republic Services phone number is (417) 865-1717, if you have any questions. Click here for their holiday schedule and here for their recycling schedule. 

Cable TV & Internet

Currently, MediaCom services the City of Battlefield for cable television. But nowadays, high speed Internet is the desired media platform for most people. High speed Internet is available in most areas through MediaCom or ATT&T. Contact MediaCom at (417) 875-5500 or ATT&T at (844) 258-1819 for more information or to request their services. Plans are already underway to bring Brightspeed, a fiber optic network to the area. To check availability for Brightspeed, click here.  


Multiple vendors provide local cellular service.

Post Office

The post office for the City of Battlefield is located in the City of Brookline Station, which is due northwest of town.


Local Television Stations






Local Newspapers

Republic Monitor

Springfield News-Leader

Springfield Business Journal

Animal Control/Lost & Found Pets

To report lost pets, stray dogs, or wildlife, you can call the Police Department at (417) 890-9876. But at this time, the City does not have the means to capture or a facility to house these animals. Please contact the Greene County Health Department at (417) 864-1658 or submit a request online. They need to be the first place for you to call because in the county, the Health Department's Animal Control will contain aggressive and/or vicious dogs and respond to reports of dog bites. Injured dogs and cats are also picked up in the county as well as assisting Greene County Officers in investigations and emergencies. In the case of a true emergency, please call 911.

 To report injured or deceased animals on a state road, you will need to call MODOT at (888) 275-6636 or the Greene County Highway Department at (417) 831-3591. If it is a street maintained by the City, call the Public Works Department at (417) 883-5840.